Integrated with Your Company

We treat your company like our own. With Directions is not merely a vendor. We take the time to get to know your business, your customers and your challenges.

Experience, Execution and Evaluation

We combine our expertise with understanding of your business to develop customized solutions. Then, unlike most, we fully review the results and make any adjustments which are required.

Help Your Company Soar with the latest technology

Soar past your competition by implementing marketing and technology tools tailored for your business and your resources, both human and financial.

Why Choose With Directions?

The reasons to choose With Directions as your technology and marketing support partner are numerous. Rest assured we aim to provide superior service, creative solutions and unparalleled value. Honestly, most companies you check out will make the same claim. Some of those companies will deliver as promised. We applaud them. In fact part of our success stems from identifying those types of companies and forging relationships with them. Some of our most longstanding clients began that way. Occasionally we partner with those companies in order to expand the services offered by both. At the very least we attempt to maintain a relationship with any company we encounter that shares our values and commitment to exceeding client expectations.

What makes us different? More than any other reason, we are different due to the relationship we establish with our clients. By investing the time and effort to understand your business, your customers and the opportunities with which you are presented every day we become an extension of your business.

Just some of the support options we offer:

  • Customized Solutions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Expertise
  • Extend Existing Resources
  • Long-term Relationship
  • Emergency Support
  • Supplemental Staffing
  • New Project Implementation

From start-ups that needed virtually every aspect of marketing and technology support to well-established companies looking to outsource a specific project, over the years we have worked with companies of all types and sizes. We are committed to understanding and serving the needs of each individual client.

While you may find this degree of attention with other firms you will likely find that premium service also comes at a premium price. With Directions is the exception to that rule. You'll experience our value as much from financial perspective as from the services we provide.

Where Do You Go From Here?

The Wrong Direction

You continue with "business as usual". Resigned to the fact that your company is too small or too set in its ways to benefit from technology you decide that your customers prefer things the way they have always been anyway and you have no intention of telling them otherwise. You are convinced that you either won't benefit from or can't afford some trendy technology approach that probably won't work anyway.

You know your marketing needs an overhaul but the last creative change you made was a splash of color to the bus stop poster you have used since your first year in business. For some in your situation there is a fear of the unknown. Others simply can not justify the cost or spare the staff.

A Better Direction

You embrace technology. You decide to invest time and resources into the efficiency that technology offers. Armed with a stack of resumes and a spiffy help wanted ad you give the local economy a boost by dramatically expanding your workforce in hopes of conquering the market by using the technology and marketing talent you recently hired. While this approach may yield precisely the results you planned, the chances are just as good that the bite you've taken is much more than you can chew. It's not that you overestimated the positive impact on your business. It's that you underestimated the amount of time it takes to realize the impact of these changes. Consequently even though sales are up you struggle to keep up with the added expense of salaries and other overhead.

With Directions

With our guidance you embrace technology and marketing innovations. We show you how to use your size and agility to lead rather than follow. As your partner we will explore innovative alternatives. Unlike the "big boys", you can make dramatic improvements and significantly impact your business by taking a tactical, guerilla marketing approach to technology. Rather than hiring specialists, purchasing software and taking the 100-yard dash approach, you know to win this race you need to resemble a relay team. By working with us to identify where you are currently and where you want your business to go we are able to map out a strategy that anticipates obstacles and ensures the road you travel remains smooth and accident-free.

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Our Process

Many of our clients turn to us looking initially for direction and guidance. Most are small or medium sized businesses that have achieved success by doing what they do VERY, VERY well. They are customer focused, proud of the products or services they provide and resolute on exceeding customer expectations every step of the way. Unfortunately, these same businesses often lack the time, resources or expertise to take advantage of today's technology and marketing innovations.

At With Directions we take the time to get to know your business and your market. While we offer a variety of products and services we know every business and every market is different. No matter how excited we are about a product or service we provide if it is not appropriate for your situation you don't need it - and we won't try to convince you that you do!

Virtually every service we offer can be both bundled with other products or services, as well as, divided into separate components. As the popular commercials tell us - bundling offers a variety of discount options. Just like a new home buyer provides and benefits from "sweat equity", by identifying and separating the components we allow you to offset your overall cost by doing some of the work yourself. A perfect example would be a website development project in which the client agrees to provide all of the copy and pictures required to complete the site. Although we have identified many of the components which clients are typically willing and able to provide, we welcome ideas or variations which better suit your resources.

While we like to start by brainstorming and generating ideas with a client, that step in our process never really ends. We are constantly on the lookout for technology innovations, cost-saving tools and creative marketing techniques. Count on us to help you stay ahead of your competition without wasting resources on nothing more than tomorrow's flavor of the day.

I keep hearing about mobile marketing.
What is it? How do I begin?

We need a way to reach our customers more effectively.
Can we accomplish that?

We'd like to keep up with the big guys but I can't afford it.
Are we dreaming?


We have always tried to be on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately as creatively exciting as that can be it became very difficult to keep pace. With Directions came in and immediately understood the challenge we were facing. They helped give our website a face lift, introduced us to mobile marketing techniques, created a very popular mobile loyalty program and helped to establish a series of monthly metrics that made it much easier for us to evaluate the cost and effectiveness of the different programs we were running. I know WD is a vendor but honestly they feel much more like a part of he company.


Even though we started out as a small family business we took great pride in giving our customers the best possible service and highest quality products available. Because of our commitment to quality we've now been in business for over 10 years. The longer we are in business though the more we need to keep up with the latest technology and marketing developments - that's where With Directions came in and saved the day. They started off by developing a great website for the store and working with us to take online orders - which was great for our customers that previously had to travel quite a distance to get to us. We now email our customers a monthly newsletter that contains a detailed instructions for a craft project of the month. We also include a "shopping list" of materials needed to complete the craft. With Directions came up with that idea and it has been widely successful!

- Sherri
Holten Yarn & Craft